Descent v1.2

Hey, it's been a while..!
Here's a new update for Descent. It mostly focuses on adding a few features and options that were missing on release, as well as bug fixes.

- Implemented control rebinds
- Implemented v-sync toggle
- The game now pauses when unfocused
- A couple tweaks to level gen so it's more fair
- Fixed a bug where the pause menu would rarely render incorrectly
- Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't appear on the task bar on launch

- Added a couple new obstacle variants
- Palettes! There are 20+ options to choose from, ranging from new hues to completely different color schemes. There are also options for randomly picked palettes for each new run.
- 3 news skins
- 4 new backgrounds for some more visual variety
- You can now also preview skins and palettes from the options menu
- Snuck a little credits section into the options menu


Oct 07, 2019


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